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Introducing Our Programs

Agriculture Recovery

FBK is committed to rescuing surplus edible food that might otherwise go to waste and channeling it to vulnerable populations. We’ve established partnerships with large farms, small-scale producers, and pack houses near Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to facilitate this. 

With a strong focus on agriculture, FBK collaborates with organizations like Agrico for training, ensuring our partnering small-scale farmers are equipped and self-reliant. Our demonstration farm showcases innovative crops and farming techniques. Through these initiatives, FBK efficiently gathers surplus produce at reduced rates.

Food Drives

Food drives are a cornerstone of our operations at FBK. In collaboration with supermarkets and other partners, we employ several methods to collect donations. We accept “Edible Surplus Donations,” which are foods and items unsellable due to minor damages or nearing expiration but are still consumable. Additionally, our monthly “Drop Boxes” allow customers to deposit food donations, while they can also contribute by donating their loyalty points or rounding up their shopping bills, with the extra change benefiting the Food Bank.

School Feeding Program

Malnutrition in children can lead to severe consequences, such as hindered cognitive abilities, reduced concentration, frequent absenteeism, and overall poor academic outcomes. Recognizing this, FBK launched the School Feeding Program in November 2020. As of now, we serve daily meals to nine primary schools located in the informal areas of Nairobi, Kiambu, and Kajiado. We’re committed to expanding our reach and continue making strides against childhood malnutrition

Emergency Outreach Mission

FBK stands ready in times of need. Whether it’s a global pandemic like COVID-19, natural disasters such as fires or floods, or individuals grappling with chronic illnesses, we’re there. We collect, sort, and promptly distribute donated and rescued farm produce to the most vulnerable, especially those in informal settlements, ensuring that during the toughest times, nutrition isn’t compromised.

Feeding Program

Undernutrition risks 45% of child deaths annually. Recognizing the importance of early nutrition, Food Banking Kenya launched a feeding program. We now support over 10,000 children daily in orphanages, schools, and vulnerable areas with nutritious meals. This initiative not only combats hunger but has led to increased school attendance in regions like Kajiado and improved overall child health, aiding in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Volunteer Programme

This offers a great chance for individuals to engage with the community and gain hands-on social work experience. It’s ideal for those eager to deepen their community ties. Volunteers help with tasks like data collection, storage maintenance, sorting, packaging, and distributing food and other items.