Food Bank Kenya promotes achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) with specific reference to (goal No1) eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. We are involved in activities that alleviate hunger and attainment of food security through activities like reducing food wastage, food distribution and community empowerment. 

Initially we were a group of friends who felt the need to support the needy by contributing resources and visiting children’s homes. We refereed to ourselves as Platter of Compassion. But as time progressed it was evident that the needs were numerous and our impact very small.

We sat together and saw the need to formalize our operations in 2015, and we embarked on a journey to register a food bank in Kenya as a non-governmental organization. Food Bank Kenya, Platter of Compassion was formerly registered in November 2016.

Food Bank Kenya has pursued more avenues of sourcing food and in our research found that :- SURPLUS FOOD OCCUR because of the following.

  • Packaging Errors
  • Short date coding
  • Seasonal stocks
  • Deleted lines
  • Retailers rejections
  • Manufacturing mistakes
  • Incorrect forecasting
  • Damages